Tiac is a close-ranged, bulky character with high HP, AP, and good attack power. He shares many similarties with Valle in that they can hold their own in group battles, have a good array of combos, and can be hard to wear down. However, Tiac trades off team support for more attack power. This isn't a bad thing as such tradeoffs include the ability to burn enemies and interrupt combos with his rage skill. Take note that Tiac's attacks are quite slow, possibly the slowest in the whole game, making him easy to exploit with faster characters. Like Valle, he also has to chase down ranged characters before they chip away too much of his health. Good for beginners and experts like, Tiac is recommended for people who like to hold their own in combat.


"The Senior General of Seven’s League.

The reason why the Dragon King tribe takes sides with Seven’s league is very simple to understand.

He has the flexibility and rationality of observing law because the graceful culture of Seven’s League makes women more beautiful.

Tiac decided to keep Seven’s League from the enemy only because the women of Seven’s League are better than the women of other countries. In some ways, it might be an intuitive human instinct.

Even though he observes the law, he is basically a hedonist. He is rude, brutal, and says he doesn’t want to waste a moment that he could potentially feel pleasure. Since he doesn’t break the law, he can’t be punished, even if he is blamed.

Ironically, his loyalty to Seven’s League was true, and people were forced to reappoint him to the position of Chief Captain of Alonzo of Seven’s league.

Although Tiac is worn out by pleasure, he has considerable abilities. He has mastered magic and martial arts while utilizing a strong body and the special capabilities of the Dragon King tribe to maximum effect. Because he likes to harass others and is addicted to his superiority, he always attends training and enjoys combat. Due to these characteristics, his popularity is always low, but he never pays attention to his public reputation."

- Tiac's character details from the shop


  • Health Point: 2550
  • Armor Point: 1500
  • Stamina Point: 70
  • Speed: 740

Controls and Combo ListEdit

(Note: All calculations were done with the middle training bot. Data is rounded to the nearest 5 or 0.)


Tiac's controls and combo list from the beta.


Tiac's controls and combo list from the official release.

Type Attack Description Damage Breakdown Notes Boost Effects
Ground L Tiac swings his hammer at the opponent from the right.

205 - 210 (Front damage)

305 - 315 (Back damage)

Ground L->L Tiac swings his hammer at the opponent from the left.

385 - 395 (Front damage)

575 - 590 (Back damage)

Ground L->L->L Tiac pounds his hammer into the ground.

565 - 580 (Front damage)

845 - 865 (Back damage)



Tiac thrusts his shield forwards to deal damage.

680 - 715 (Front damage)

600 - 615 (Front Alt + R)

945 - 985 (Back damage)

885 - 910 (Back Alt + R)

Inflicts burn damage.

Damage breakdown  includes burn damage.

Alt + R breaks through guard and does more damage. Does not inflict burn damage.

Ground L->L->R->R Tiac swings his shield in a horizontal arc.

885 - 925 (Front damage)

805 - 825 (Front Alt + R)

1255 - 1300 (Back damage)

1195 - 1225 (Back Alt + R)

Ground L->R Tiac swings his hammer upwards from the ground, launching the opponent.

470 - 505 (Front damage)

525 - 555 (Front Alt + R)

635 -  680 (Back damage)

705 - 740 (Back Alt + R)

Inflicts burn damage.

Damage breakdown includes burn damage.

Alt + R breaks through guard and does more damage.
Ground R

Tiac throws his shield towards the opponent.

135 - 140 (Front damage)

190 - 195 (Front Alt + R)

200 - 205 (Back damage)

270 - 280 (Back Alt + R)

Alt + R does more damage and has more horizontal range.
Air Space + L Tiac jumps into the air and swings his hammer downward.

205 - 210 (Front damage)

310 - 315 (Back damage)

Air Space + R Tiac throws his shield like a boomerang to deal damage.

85 - 285 (Front damage)

130 - 420 (Back damage)

Damage can vary depending on the number of hits landed. (Up to 3) None
Special W + Shift Tiac sprints forward. None None
Special W + Shift + R Tiac charges at the enemy and shoulder tackles them.

155 - 160 (Front damage)

230 - 235 (Back damage)

Supress F

Tiac summons a shockwave that does damage and interrupts an enemy's attack for a brief moment.(Costs 1 RP)

130 - 210 Can work against multiple enemies. None
Dragon's Valor


Tiac glows gold and gains super armor, making him invincible to hitstun and a certain amount of damage from attacks for a limitted time. (Costs 3 RP)

40 - 50 (Front damage)

50 - 60 (Back damage)

Pressing E will deal a small amount damage to enemies nearby at the cost of roughly 40% of your SP.

Can absorb 40 damage before disappearing,

Lasts roughly 8 seconds.

Damage dealt is multiplied by 1.5


Rage SkillsEdit

Supress: Tiac counter-attacks by exploding energy when he is being hit. The enemy gets some damage and paralyzed for a short period of time.

Dragon's Valor: Tiac gains the power of dragon for a while. Upon activation, he goes into super armor mode, and his attack damage and armor increases.


Costumes and Color PresetsEdit


  • Tiac's premium costume, "Captain style Tiac," bears many similarities to Captain America. These similarities include having a shield, having a blue costume, and having similarily colored shields.
  • The description for Tiac's premium costume calls him "The #1 'A-hole' in Seven's League."
  • Along with a few other characters, Tiac's Space + L could hit opponents twice due to it's lack of cooldown time. The attack would effectively stun lock the opponent or force them to block until they died. This was later changed by giving the attack more cooldown time so that Tiac could only use it once in the air, allowing enemies to escape easier.
  • Tiac has the highest amount of HP + AP out of any character, boasting a total of 4050 points.
    • Tiac also has the highest amount of HP in the whole game, having 2250 HP.


ArcheBlade - Character Tutorial Tiac

ArcheBlade - Character Tutorial Tiac

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