A realistic populous-religion leader, Sewon the Monk.

He has no doubt that pursuing wealth and power is the most fundamental activity monks have to do. He also believes that praying for prosperity and breaking the absurdity is god's will.

He made Kubera religion as a candid mendicant priest group.

Some say the Kubera has become a huge pyramid scheme, but still, their martial arts and great talent are what grow powerful monks.

They deserved to be considered as much.

Trivia Edit

  • Along with Ridika, Sewon initially did not have a voice when he was first introduced.
  • During the beta of Archeblade, Sewon's space + R initially had recoil, making Sewon move backwards when he used the attack. The recoil was later removed to make Sewon easier to use as a rush-down character.
  • Sewon initially didn't get super armor when he used his "Cycle of Death and Rebirth" skill. This left him susceptible to attacks during the animation and after it took affect. Later, he was given super armor when he used the skill to give him more survivability, allowing him to kill off weakened opponents without having to worry about hitstun.
    • These changes, along with a few minor tweaks, allowed players to use Sewon more offensively in the final release.
  • Sometime after the official release, players found a glitch that allowed Sewonto move while using his R skill. This glitch was never fixed.


Archeblade - Sewon The Monk00:35

Archeblade - Sewon The Monk

Archeblade - Waka Flocka Flame, Bitch

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