Dan Mei

Giant Samurai

The Warrior of the Giant tribe.

He pledged fidelity to the Empress of Darkness who saved his tribe, previously under subjugation by human beings and elves, and became a King of Despair. Because Dan Mei didn’t understand the identity of the Empress in those days, he didn’t know what it meant to pledge his knife to the Empress.

Dan Mei and his tribe fought for the Empress of Darkness as her advance guard since the first compact. Human beings, elves, and other tribes who hunted giants were struck down by the troops of the Empress of Darkness. The giants were pleased to avenge them, but the body of Dan Mei started to change. He now neither gets old nor dies. If the Empress selects him, he revives even if his neck is slashed. Even if he throws himself into burning lava, he will revive simply if the Empress wills it. He is currently living restlessly as a King of Despair.

Although he gives numerous warriors despair while wielding a Red-tiger sword given to him by the Empress of Darkness herself, might it be himself who feels despair in the endless fight?

Today the giant of immortality may be wandering in the battlefield searching for the one who will put an end to his despair.


  • Health Point: 2500
  • Armor Point: 1500
  • Stamina Point: 70
  • Speed: 720


Shackles of Darkness

Dan Mei casts a shackle that holds an enemy for a while

Embrace of the EmpressEdit

Dan Mei becomes invincible for the inverted portion of his current HP. He is to any incoming damage and debuffs, and it enables him to use a howling skill that paralyzes enemies.

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